Clinical Services : Cognitive Training Interventions

Cognitive Training Interventions

Led by CNSA faculty, our cognitive training interventions delivered individually or in a group setting in our Brain Fitness Pavilion include evidenced-based modules that have shown promise is maintaining the cognitive health of older adults. Research suggests that cognitive impairment in the absence of dementia is associated with substantial comorbidities and limitations in activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living (Lyketsos et al., 2005). Hence, cognitive impairment is highly associated with increased functional limitations, caregiver burden, increased healthcare resource use, and societal, an economic burden. A study conducted by the National Institute on Aging and the National Institute for Nursing Research supported the effectiveness of providing cognitive intervention in maintaining cognitive health over the long term effect (five years) and indicated detectable improvements. A follow-up study, evaluating the effectiveness of a 10-14 weeks of organized cognitive training delivered to a community-dwelling older adults also resulted in significant improvements in their cognitive abilities, and functional status, observing improvements up to 10 years in comparison to the control group (Rebok et al., 2014).

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