Joseph Sharit

Joseph Sharit, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering and Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (sec) and Anesthesiology (sec)
Mental Health Hospital Center 3208D

Dr. Sharit is one of the principal investigators in the Center on Research and Education for Aging and Technology Enhancement (CREATE), where his research interests have included examining older adult capabilities at using technological systems in support of work activities and health management. Within the domain of work, a particular interest has been on determining the prospects for employing older people on jobs that can be performed as telework from the home. His interest in personal management of health have focused on understanding the capabilities and limitations for older adults to use tools such as the Internet to find and integrate information in order to make decisions or solve problems involving health issues. In addition, he is interested in designing effective electronic personal health records that the older adult would be able to view and interact with. Another area of interest is instruction and training, and particularly in whether older adults can benefit from multimedia presentations.